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DMV Records results may include:

Name of Driver
License Issue Date
License Issue Location
Height and Weight of Driver

Date of Birth
Color of Eyes
Organ Donor Information
Other Related Documentation

License Plate Records results may include:

Owner's First and Last Name
Owner's Address
Registration Date
Expiration Date

Make and Model
VIN Number
Title Number and Lien Holder
Other Related Documentation

VIN Search results may include:

Year of Manufacture
Model of Vehicle
Title and Problem Check

Odometer Check
Ownership History
Accident History
Other Related Documentation

Full Background Check results may include:

Criminal Records History
Court Records & Lawsuits
Marriage & Divorce records
Phone Numbers
Arrest Records

Property Records
Bankruptcy Records
Birth Records
Death Records
Other Related Documentation


Databases are updated daily.  Millions of records are added every day, and our all-in-one database search provides you with a platform to perform all of your searches quickly and easily from your personal computer.


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With our service you can obtain information regarding the status of any individual or individual records from the past or present through a service that is always safe, legal, instant, and accessible from your personal computer.

Examples of what you can find within our records for the DMV include:

  • Name of driver

  • License issue date by the DMV

  • Driver's age, weight, and height at the time of issue

  • Driver's color of eyes

  • State of filing

  • Status of license

  • Last place of residence registered at the DMV


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